Bevon Manor (Kàldôr)

Location: Melylim hundred, Vemionshire, Kingdom of Kàldôr

Holder:   Sir Alwyn Haber

Liege:  Constable of Zoben, for the Earl of Vemion

Population: village 174, manor 33


Bevon Manor lies in the far west of Vemionshire, well nigh to the Fens of Kythlim Hundred. It has a total population of around 200 souls.

The Manor has 1,760 acres of good quality land (LQ 1.03). There are a total of 40 households, including Clan Haber, and 5 additional freeholders. The Manor has an annual income of around £240, and owes £22 plus 90 days service of one knight and three men-at-arms to the Constable at Zoben.

The Clan earns additional income from trade in herbs and other materials sourced from the Fens. In this way it is able to support a total of two knights - Sir Alwyn and his brother, Sir Lluwyn.

Clan Haber

Clan Haber are an ancient Vemion clan, who have held lands in west Vemion since time immemorial. The Clan has survived many changes of overlord, but are loyal to the Earl of Vemion. The Clan is well known throughout Vemionshire for its knowledge and expertise in matters of herblore.

The current clanhead is Sir Alwyn, younger son of Sir Bemyl, who died in TR 717. Sir Bemyl is survived by Lady Marthel, a renowned herbalist. Sir Alwyn's sister, Morgawen and his aunt, Caythleen also live at the Manor. Sir Alwyn's older brother, Sir Lluwyn, acquiesced to the naming of his younger brother as heir to the estate of Bevon. Sir Lluwyn is currently travelling in Kaldor, accompanied by his bondsman, Cydwyn.

Unlike most Kaldorian noble clans, Clan Haber are worshipers of Ilvir and Peoni (as are other villager folk of Bevon). Ancient Vemion tradition describes these two deities as the Father and Mother of all creation. Larani is seen as the Daughter of Spring. The Clan sponsors the Ilviran order of the Heron and Serpent, which has a small temple located on the edge of the Kythlim Fens.

Sir Lluwyn's Story - "Mist over the Fens"

I wrote a short story about Sir Lluwyn some time ago. A slightly updated version is available on the website.

Bevon Manor files

  * Bevon manor write up (PDF) (work in progress)

  * Bevon manor spreadsheets (XLS)

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