Hârnic Economics

I have long had an interest in Hârnic economics. These are some of the pieces of analysis I have carried out over the years.

Kàldôric GDP

I attempted to calculated the 'gross domestic product' of the kingdom of Kàldôr:

  * Kàldôr GDP (PDF);  Kàldôr GDP (XLS).

Salt production

I sought to calculate supply and demand for salt on Hârn, based on population and the salt mines indicated on the kingdom maps:

  * Salt Production (PDF);  Salt Production (XLS).

Mines of Hârn

I was interested in which realms produced what resources, and thus who was trading what with whom.

  * Mines of Harn (summary, PDF); Mines of Harn (detail, XLS)

  * Mines of Chybísa (PDF) - consideration of what mines Chybísa might have, and where they might be.

Feeding Azadmêre

An ongoing debate is how the population of Azadmêre on Hârn is fed. The following analysis attempted to answer this question.

  * Feeding Azadmêre (PDF); Feeding Azadmere (XLS).

(c) 2018 Jeremy Baker