Hôradir is the tribal range of the Hodíri, one of the most populous tribal people of Hârn.

Hôradir lies to the south of Chybisa, and west of Melderyn & Solora. Horadir falls within Melderyn's Dyriamarch, but it is the home of the Hodiri, a nomadic horse-people. 

The total Hodiri population of Horadir is 25,204. There are 82 Hodiri tribes, with between 60 and 300 male members per tribe (120 - 600 people all told).

These tribes have roughly the following distribution (in terms of size):

 •  tribes with around 120 persons - 15 tribes; the Katchi-hodiri.

 •  tribes with around 240 persons - 27 tribes; the Jagunsagrai-hodiri.

 •  tribes with around 360 persons - 24 tribes; also considered Jagunsagrai-hodiri.

 •  tribes with around 480 persons - 11 tribes; the Uge-hodiri.

 •  the largest tribes, with around 600 persons - 5 tribes; the Kitu-hodiri.

The Hodiri range covers nearly 90 hexes, or over 12,000 sq. miles. Each tribe has both a summer (northern) and winter (southern) range, with migrations in spring & autumn.The Solori share the Hodiri ranges in the southeast, although they have traditionally moved back across the Soleno river in winter, when the Hodiri return from their summer ranges. The Chymak also maintain seasonal fishing camps on the southern coast, and trade with the Hodiri.

Jherdela's confederation of three tribes (the Kituguri, Qaraeni, and Boratan) have their summer range in the fertile lands of hexes 42 & 43, and their winter range on the coast in hexes 80, 89 & 90. Their fierce rivals, the Urtiguri, have their summer range in hex 32, and winter just north of Patrel in hex 66.

The Dugeai horseclan (summer range hex 2) engage in annual trade with the Chybisans, trading horses for a variety of goods, particularly steel weapons. Their rivals in this trade are the Temuhi, who have an arrangement with the Miners' Guild who operate an iron mine in their summer range (hex 7).

List of Hodíri tribes

The following document includes a list of all the Hodíri tribes as at TR720, with details of their population:

  * Hodiri Tribes (PDF)

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