Lýthian Demography

One of my long term interests has been the demography of the island of Hârn and other regions of Lýthia. Some of this analysis is quite old, but I think still valid.


 * Hârnic population (PDF) - overview of the population of Hârn.

 * Population of Hârnic regions (XLS) - analysis of the population of various fiefs, regions etc of Hârn.

Shôrkýnè and Huriséa

 * Shôrkýnè population (PDF) - overview of the population of Shôrkýne.

 * Hursiéan population (PDF); Hursiéan settlement list (PDF); Huriséan population (XLS) - various analyses of Hursiéan population and settlement patterns.


  * Ivínian population (PDF); Ivínian population (XLS).

Azadmêre and Eváel

  * Kuzhan population (PDF); Azadmêre kingdom statistics (XLS)

  * Eváel population (PDF); Eváel kingdom statistics (XLS)

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