HârnCon NZ

HârnCon "Middle-Earth" (New Zealand) 21-23 January 2011

HârnCon in New Zealand was from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 January 2011, in Wellington, New Zealand (aka "Middle-Earth").

HârnCon "Middle-Earth" was hosted by Jeremy Baker (Fastred), Project Director for Kelestia Productions. 


HârnCon "Middle-Earth" was in conjunction with KapCon at Wellington High School (Saturday and Sunday) . An opening evening was held at Dransfield House, 335 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

Here is a map of the key locations for HârnCon Wellington.

Schedule of Events

HârnCon Wellington will run from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 January.

  - Friday 21 - 4pm to 11pm (Dransfield House, 335 Willis St)

  - Saturday 22 - 9am to 11pm (Wellington High School, 249 Taranaki St)

  - Sunday 23 - 9am to 4.30pm (Wellington High School, 249 Taranaki St)

Events so far determined include Witch-Stone of Calamísa, King's Peace, and a game devised by Peter Leitch.

Further details of the games and events to be run during the weekend will be provided as they come to hand. If you are interested in running a game or event during the weekend, please contact jeremy@kelestia.com.

Pre- and Post-Con Events

Many people attending the Con will travelling a long distance, and will probably be keen to do a range of travel around NZ either pre- or post- the Con.

The Con weekend is a long-weekend in Wellington, so I will be free to be a host for visits around Wellington on Monday.

Some options include a visit to the Weta Cave - http://www.wetanz.com/cave/, a visit to Zealandia - http://www.visitzealandia.com/site/zealandia_home/, and /or visits to various LOTR sites in Wellington.


You can discuss HârnCon "Middle-Earth" on HarnForum, in this post.


 Jeremy Baker aka Fastred (NZ)

 Brian Smaller (NZ)

 Ken Snellings (USA)

 Peter Leitch aka Leitchy (Australia)

 Kerry Mould (Canada)

 Andy Gibson aka Balesir (UK)

 Rob Duff (Canada)

 Peter Moller (Australia)

 Jason Grandfield (Australia)

 Lawrence Bryan (USA)

 Robert Simpson (NZ)

(c) 2018 Jeremy Baker