Arthedain, principal realm of the northern Dúnedain from TA 861 to TA 1975, was ruled by the direct decendants of Elendil and Isildur.

Arthedain extended over the north and west of Eriador, and was centred around Nenuial (Twilight Lake), the Emyn Uíal (the Twilight Hills) and the Tyrn Formen (the North Downs).

The chief city of Arthedain and the seat of its Kings was Fornost Erain. Annúminas, the titular capital of Arnor, remains an important centre until its destruction in TA 1409.

Breeland and the Shire were important southern regions of Arthedain which survived its fall in TA 1975.

Population of Arnor & Arthedain

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