The Wilderland

The Wilderland (otherwise known as Rhovanion) is the setting for the first set of publications for the new Middle-Earth role-playing game "The One Ring - Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild". 

For an expanded timeline for the Wilderland, see "Tale of Years".

The some of the major locations and features of the Wilderland in the year 2946 of the Third Age include:

Grey Mountains, the northern border of the Wilderland, where of ancient days drakes and other fell beasts dwelt.

Withered Heath, a desolate region between two eastern branches of the Grey Mountains, blasted by the fires of drakes and cold winds.

Mount Gundabad, a mountain peak where the Grey and Misty Mountains meet, home of orcs and goblins.

Iron Hills, hills to the east of the Wilderland, where a Dwarven colony of the same name is located.

Redwater River, a river running south from the Iron Hills, joining the River Running.

Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, the centre of a Dwarven realm.

River Running (Celduin), a river rising beneath Erebor, and running south then east towards Dorwinion and the Sea of Rhûn.

Dorwininon, a region where the River Running empties into the Sea of Rhûn. Known for its wine.

Dale, below Erebor on western banks of the River Running, centre of the realm of the Bardings.

Esgaroth (or Lake Town), a free city built on the Long Lake ruled by an elected Master.

Long Lake, a long lake on the River Running, northeast of the Long Marshes.

Long Marshes, dangerous and noisesome marshes on the eastern borders of Mirkwood, where the Forest River and the River Running meet. They extend all the way south to the eastern borders of the Mountains of Mirkwood and the Old Forest Road.

Beorn's House, great hall of the leader of the Beornings, east of the Carrock.

The Carrock, a high stone hill on an island near the eastern shore of the upper Anduin river, north of the Old Ford, and sacred to the Beornings.

High Pass, a pass over the Misty Mountains watched over by the Beornings. One of three major passes, the others being the Redhorn Gate and the Gladden Pass.

Goblin Town, a settlement of Misty Mountain orcs near to High Pass.

Eagle's Eyrie - home of the Great Eagles, west of the Carrock, and north of High Pass.

Old Forest Road or the Dwarven Road - ancient road through Eriador from the Blue Mountains, over High Pass, across the Old Ford, and through Mirkwood Forest.

Old Ford, where the Old Forest Road crosses the great river Anduin.

Anduin River (the Great River), the longest river in northwestern Middle-Earth, rising in the Grey Mountains, flowing south between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, east of Rohan, then through Gondor between the White Mountains and Mordor, before flowing in to the Bay of Belfalas.

Vale of the Anduin, where the Woodmen of the Wilderland dwell. There are four main 'houses' of the Woodmen: 

Mountain Hall is located in a narrow valley east of the Misty Mountains, and is home to miners who provide metals to the inhabitants of the vale of Anduin.

Woodland Hall lies 50 miles south of the Old Forest Road, and is the largest community of the Woodmen.

Woodmen-town lies 40 miles further south, location of the Hall of Balthi.

Rhosgobel is the home not only of Woodmen, but of the wizard Radagast. It is but 100 miles north of Dol Guldur.

Mirkwood, one of the greatest forests in northern Middle-Earth, stretching over 400 miles north to south, and 200 miles east to west.

Woodland Realm of the Silvan Elves, realm of the Elves ruled by King Thranduil, in northwestern Mirkwood.

Elven King's Hall - underground halls of the Elven King, in hills at the west of the Woodland realm, where the Forest river leaves Mirkwood.

Forest River - a river that rises in the Grey Mountains, and flows south-east through Mirkwood before joining the River Running south of the Long Lake.

Northern Mirkwood - a dark dense forest filled with spiders and other evil creatures, separated from the Woodland Realm of the Silvan Elves by the Forest River.

Forest Gate, western end of the Elf Path in Northern Mirkwood.

Elf Path, a path through Northern Mirkwood (and just north of Western Mirkwood), that runs from the Forest Gate to the Elven King's Hall.

Enchanted River, a stream that runs north from the Mountains of Mirkwood into the Forest River. It is crossed by the Elf Path.

Western Mirkwood - the region west of the Mountains and south of the Elf Path. A contested region.

Mountains of Mirkwood - dangerous hills north of the Old Forest Road. Home of the Werewolf of Mirkwood.

Heart of Mirkwood - central region inhabited by fearsome creatures. 

Western Eaves - the region where the Woodmen dwell.

Black Tarn - a deep wilderness lake in the southern Western Eaves, where the River-maidens dwell.

Narrows of the Forest - a place said to be haunted by Woodwights.

East Bight, a region which helps form the Narrows of the Forest, where a good portion of the forest was cut down by ancient northmen folk.

Southern Mirkwood - once the land of the Necromancer at Dol Guldur, but still an evil place.

Dol Guldur - home of the Necromancer until TA2941, it is now abandoned but still a fearful place.

Lórien or Lothlórien, the Golden Wood, home of Elven folk led by Galadriel and Celeborn, west of Mirwood. A place considered dangerous and fearful by most men.

Misty Mountains - high mountains that form the western boundary of the Wilderland, separating it from Eriador.

Dimrill Dale and Redhorn Gate - valley and pass in the southern Misty Mountains, west of Lórien, near to Moria.

Silvertine (Celebdil or Zirakzigil), westernmost of the three peaks in the Misty Mountains that stands above Khazad-Dum. Location of Durin's Tower.

Redhorn (Caradhras or Barazinbar), highest of the three peaks that stands over Moria.

Cloudyhead (Fanuidhol or Bundushathûr), easternmost of the three peaks over Khazad-Dum.

Moria, ancient Dwarven delving of Khazad-Dum, now abandoned and overrun by Orcs.

River Gladden and the Gladden Fields - river and marshy area in middle Anduin vale, northwest of Rhosgobel. The Gladden Pass lies near the source of the river Gladden.

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